The Journey


There really isn’t an easy way to start a blog, is there?  The journey to this first sentence began the day that I decided to quit my job as a financial planner and start focusing more on my family.  I am currently a stay-at-home-mom, chronicling the lives of my 2 daughters, ages 7 and 6 months.  In my 2nd marriage, I often feel like I am living a real life fairy tale and have truly found happiness.  My husband and I met and dated in high school for a year.  When our relationship ended, life went on…we fell in love with other people and I got married and had my first daughter.  My first husband was the kind of man who looked great on paper but we had different values and it didn’t work.   But (warning: cliche ahead!) everything happens for a reason and once my first marriage ended, fate took me back where I belonged – to my first love.  We have been together ever since.  Now, with the birth of our daughter, I gained new clarity and realized that time is something we can never get back and I wanted to go “all in” with the raising of my kids.  So here I am – a sort of spastic, multi-tasking go-getter who can’t sit still, building myself projects as a new Stay-at-Home-Mom.  I will be keeping track of my own life lessons through this blog, so feel free to stay tuned for comic episodes of parental trial & error, recipes gone right and wrong, do-it-yourself projects, and the philosophy behind my madness.

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