Mornings: Making the Coffee Before you Make the Baby Bottle

There are mornings that feel like they were crafted by the devil himself.  After hours upon hours of children tag-teaming the middle-of-the-night screaming job, you “awaken” (which is too strong of a word) to face the day, not rested, angry, and annoyed.  Maybe some lucky nights one of these children (let’s not take ownership of them – they are clearly best referred to as “the children”) has vomited or peed all over their bedding, leaving you and your groggy mind to get creative in the worst possible sense.

I had a night like this recently where I seriously just wanted to hang myself and call it a day.  Cursing up at the ceiling fan as if it was my God, asking, “Why?  Why the Hell?” Stomping and storming into my children’s room already assuming them guilty, not innocent.  Something about the wee hours of the morning can make you ungrateful, impatient, and childish, ready to blame anyone and everyone for your lack of sleep and confusion.

It is on these loveliest of mornings that I spitefully make my coffee before I fix the baby bottle or the morning milk for my 2 year old.  Because screw ’em, that’s why.  Still fuming over the night’s terrors, I cannot give them a single benefit of any doubt from here to the Mississippi River.  Those are fighting words, I know, but real parents can’t pretend they haven’t been there.

But somewhere between the sound of percolation and the last drop of coffee touching your lips, the magic of caffeine kicks in and changes your whole outlook on the day.  I believe God created caffeine because he knew we needed it and because he loves us.  He knows that raising children is a hard, energy-sucking, brain-crunching, pride-swallowing task, and we all need a little extra something to keep us going and keep us sane (kind of).

So once you’ve had your coffee or your tea, or your protein shake, or your glass of ice cold lemon water (whatever wakes you up in a slap-you-in-the-face kind of way), it’s easier to be the parent again.  To be the grown-up and forgive the innocent kids for being kids and carry on with making the day as good as it can be.  Until 2AM when they do it again.  And then, Lord Ceiling Fan, save me, help me, get us all through this.  I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I do know that somewhere between the love, the time, and the caffeine, we will prevail….together.

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