Life & Swimming: It’s not about the Splash

My meditation time, my me time, my evaluation and solution time, is during the span of a 45 minute swim, several times a week.  Underwater, there is less noise, less interruption, and less distraction.

About 10 minutes into my swim, I reach a state of comfort; my breaths become routine, my stroke natural.  I am part of the water and the water is part of me.  It is in this time of respite where I do my best thinking, and can tackle the lingering problems at the back of my mind and bring them into focus.

If I am disturbed in these peaceful underwater moments, it is usually by another swimmer – often someone who is splashing more than necessary.  I often think about the swimmers who make a big splash when they swim.  I typically shake my head and wonder if they realize that the work required to propel you forward is usually done underwater, not at the surface.  You see, the splash is an immediate result that gives the swimmer a sense of gratification and achievement.   But sometimes it is only a delusion – you can make a big splash without achieving much at all.

In life, as in swimming, success can be a quiet and perpetual motion, often unseen, beneath the surface.  It isn’t always about the “big splash” moments, but the quiet work and effort that delivers the ultimate results toward achieving your personal goals.

I keep wondering and waiting for the moment when I will do something “fantastic” in life – do something that gives an outward splash to demonstrate all of my inner effort and growth.  Maybe that splash will never come for me; maybe it will be reflected in my children or my family as a whole.  Whatever the case may be, I’m not going to focus on the splash anymore.  Life’s about the journey, right?  Not the destination.   So, I’ll continue in a perpetual motion of personal growth and at the end of my journey, maybe not everyone in the world will know about my achievements, but I will know.  And that will be enough.


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