Bow Down to the Mother of the Year

Ladies, bow down because I just clinched the Mother of the Year award.  I know, I know what you’re thinking: she must be mastering Pinterest or something.

No, no.  It’s not that at all.  I think today I deserve the Mother of the Year Award because for once, I actually listened to the message of that Disney Frozen movie and I “Let it go!” We all need a break from the “rules,” and some days, let’s face it, we’re all just a little lazy.  So, even with the dizzying lawless children in my house, I didn’t lose my cool and I didn’t try to “over-control.”

I let them watch TV all day. Educational TV, at least.  My 2 year old is now calling her sister, “The Mona Lisa.”

I hid in the kitchen to “cook” our dinner of BLTs while they destroyed the living room to the tune of the Little Einsteins theme song running simultaneous to the demo song mode of the piano keyboard.

I handed them, without question, every snack and juice box they demanded.

One of them wasn’t wearing pants and another was walking around with only one boot on and a blanket over her head.

I gave them jellybeans and M&Ms for no reason at all and didn’t even care when they didn’t eat their dinners because hey, we’re composting now, so it’s all good.

They pulled each other’s hair and pushed each other and screamed and fussed about the toy that’s stuck repeating some unintelligible sound because it needs new batteries.  And I didn’t intervene.

I let them use their riding toys in the house and even when they were too loud I didn’t tell them to stop.

When I did try to feed them lunch, they ate it at the coffee table and mashed shredded cheese and chicken nugget bits and apples chunks well into the carpet below.  And that sucked, but it’s done now.

I let them carry the bath toys out of the bathtub, and brush their hair with their toothbrushes.

I let my 1 year old knock down an entire stack of magazines and rip them to shreds.

I gave my 3 year old “privacy” in the potty even though I knew that meant she probably wouldn’t wipe, flush, or wash her hands.

My 9 year old stared at her computer with her headphones on and didn’t really talk to anyone and didn’t do her homework or practice her piano either.

I didn’t nag them to do or not do.

I did my own thing for most of the day, taking care of loose ends and preparing for future events.

And you know, it felt bad, to be honest.  It goes against my nature to not be involved in their every little moments, trying to guide them, correct them, reward or discipline them.

I’m always intervening, cleaning, preparing, maintaining, monitoring, limiting.  And for one day, I didn’t want to nag or yell or any of it.  I just wanted to let them do their thing and I would do mine.

So today, in a strange way, I am that Mother of the Year.  We’re all still alive and well.  My house is a mess, and I don’t know how I’m going to handle tomorrow.  But for today, I went against my instinct, against the grain, and the world didn’t cry out or collapse.  We are all fine and still love each other.  It’s the smallest big achievement of my year (so far.)

Now, what’s on the docket for tomorrow!?


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